Welcome Back to Your Alma Mater


No matter when you graduated from 兰开斯特圣经学院 | Capital 神学院 & 研究生 School or how far life takes you, you’ll always have a place at your alma mater. Our Alumni family is comprised of incredible graduates from LBC | Capital, 华盛顿圣经学院 和 Capital Bible 神学院.

The motto of the Office of Alumni Relations is, “Your Journey is STILL our Focus.” Once you graduate 和 become an alumna or alumnus of the college, we’re still here for you. As a proud graduate of LBC, you have access to special benefits 和 privileges just for our Alumni. 例如, did you know Alumni get a special discount on LBC apparel at the campus store or that you can give a prospective student a scholarship in your name through our Alumni referral program? 这是真的! 这还不是全部……

If you’re looking for a place to reconnect with your college 和 old college friends, come back to campus for 首页coming each September, cheer on the Chargers at sporting events, drop by for one of our weekly chapel services, 参加艺术活动 & 文化事件, 阅读我们的图书馆, grab a cup of coffee at our cafes or just take a walk down memory lane while strolling across our ever-growing campus. Check out our resources 和 ways to reconnect with the college below. 我们希望很快能见到你!

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Bless a prospective student with a scholarship in your name at no cost to you.


Donate to our scholarship fund 和 help the next generation of LBC students prepare for service.


Keep connected to LBC | Capital. Use this link to update your name, mailing address, email 和/or phone.

面试 & 新闻

Read inspiring Alumni stories 和 testimonials or find out the latest college news. 都在我们的博客里.


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好处 & Alumni优惠

As a graduate of LBC | Capital, we’re pleased to offer you these special benefits 和 discounts that we reserve solely for our Alumni.


You can check out books 和 other resources for two-week periods from the Charles & Gloria Jones 图书馆 located in the Teague Learning Commons on the Lancaster campus or at the libraries in 华盛顿特区.C.或费城地点. There is a limit of 20 books at one time. 探索 图书馆的部分 了解更多.

学业有好处 & 奖学金


This scholarship is available to a dependent student (under 24 years of 年龄) of LBC Alumni who are seeking to enroll in traditional undergraduate degree programs. 了解更多.


A graduate studies tuition scholarship is available to LBC graduates with a bachelor’s degree 和 must be used within the one year of graduation. 了解更多.

“Advanced St和ing” for 神学院 项目

Alumni who have completed 30 hours or more of undergraduate Bible 和 theology courses can receive “advanced st和ing” for all our seminary programs, meaning they are exempt from taking up to 12 credits of Bible/Theology courses. Ask our seminary/grad admissions representatives for more details.


There is a limit of one graduate or undergraduate course per semester that may be audited from the level (undergraduate or graduate) in which the student graduated. (Alumni must still pay the student service fee.)

  • Attend Games: Use your LBC Alumni Association card to receive a discount admission to all LBC home athletic games for $3.
  • 在线观看游戏: 直播充电器的比赛 so you don’t miss any of action.
  • Keep Up With Teams: Follow LBC 体育运动 on 脸谱网. Instagram推特.
  • 成为超级粉丝:加入 充电器俱乐部 to be eligible for even more benefits such as a full-season sports pass, apparel 和 more.

来校园参观? These nearby hotels 和 inns provide discounts to LBC Alumni 和 to parents of currently enrolled students.